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Irrigation System Repair

If you have a sprinkler system, you should make sure to check for leaks and cracks in the line. Water from leaky irrigation systems can cause damage to your lawn and surrounding property. This can be caused by a variety of issues, from clogged sprinkler heads to broken pipes. If you notice a sudden drop in water pressure, you should call an irrigation system repair professional to diagnose the problem.

Another issue that affects the condition of your irrigation system is the type of landscape you have. If you only have a lawn, you may need to replace it with a landscape bed. Depending on how large your lawn was ten years ago, it may have grown very large since you planted the first trees. This can cause your irrigation system to miss certain areas or hit them too hard.

If you suspect a sprinkler head is leaking water, you can inspect and clean it to remove debris that might be clogging it. You can also clean out the pipes or valves in order to find the source of the leak. If you find debris, you should call an irrigation system repair professional to fix the system.

Another common issue affecting irrigation systems is broken valves. These valves are responsible for regulating the amount of water that flows to different zones of your lawn. If one of the valves is broken, water may be flowing continuously or intermittently, causing your lawn to be over or underwater. This problem is often caused by corrosion or mineral buildup. Repairing the valves is relatively inexpensive and doesn’t require the expertise of an irrigation specialist.

If the problem is more serious than a simple problem, you might need a more sophisticated irrigation system. In this case, an irrigation expert can recommend a more efficient system for your lawn. A modern irrigation system will require less water than a traditional system. Older systems can lose up to 50% of their water supply to evaporation, wind, and runoff. The repair of this component can prevent you from losing water and money.

If you have a sprinkler system that has reached the end of its life cycle, it may be time to replace it. The best sprinkler systems are made to last up to 10 to 20 years with proper maintenance. You might need to replace sprinkler heads or make adjustments to your irrigation controller to get optimal results.

Sprinkler valve repair services usually cost between $75 and $125 per valve. These valves control the amount of water flowing through the pipes and to sprinkler heads. With time, they can become loose or cracked. A sprinkler valve repairman can tighten the valve or patch up a cracked one with plumber’s tape. However, heavy damage may require a complete replacement.

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